The Ikava On-Premises DataService Package is now available on the official UiPath Marketplace!

With years of extensive experience in automating business processes, we have successfully compiled a powerful add-on package for one of our most utilized technology platform, UiPath.

One of the recurring challenges we encountered in many of our automation projects revolves around effectively handling and processing data structures within UiPath Studio. Unfortunately, UiPath’s default capabilities did not always provide the desired level of flexibility and performance required for our needs when creating bots. Dealing with individual variables or datatables and shifting them back and forward between UiPath modules seems to be inefficient during the development, painfull for later maintenance and can also be a source of failure as soon as the data structures become more complex.

While the UiPath standard toolkit allows to define some kind of advanced data structures (entities) as part of their UiPath DataService, those data entities are somehow limited in their functionality and they can only be stored in an UiPath Orchestrator itself, which plenty of our customers consume as cloud service. Having their entire business data from all automations therefore in the cloud, is something that hindered our customers often from using the UiPath DataService functionality.

To address this limitation, we took it upon ourselves to develop a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates with UiPath Studio – The Ikava DataService .

From the moment of integration, the Ikava DataService proves to be a powerful tool, immediately available for use. Even multi-dimensional data structures can be defined directly within UiPath Studio without any deeper programming knowledge. In the background the Ikava DataService compiles standard .Net classes / NuGet packages which contain the defined data structures and which can be importet in any UiPath automation via Studio Packet Manager. Such data structures can then also get easily persisted and consumed across automations building up on an on-premises database (currently only MongoDB) and a comprehensive set of according UiPath activities (get, insert, delete, etc.), which are also part of the Ikava DataService add-on. Further by natively supporting Intellisense and powerful native LINQ queries, dealing with data structures within UiPath was never easier.

The Ikava DataService streamlines data processing through the entire automation flow, enabling our projects to be developed in significantly shorter timeframes while maintaining a high level of quality.

Recognizing that many other companies utilizing UiPath face similar obstacles, we aim to share this great piece of technology by making the Ikava DataService accessible to them as well.

By providing this solution, we anticipate a future where automation projects can be implemented even more swiftly and with enhanced stability.

To ensure widespread accessibility, we have chosen the official UiPath Marketplace as our platform for distribution.

Leveraging this channel allows us to expand our reach, enabling cross-company adoption of standardized automations on a larger scale.

We take great pride in highlighting that our extensive Ikava DataService has successfully passed UiPath’s rigorous quality checks, solidifying its reliability and performance.

It is with immense pleasure that we unveil this innovative solution to the world, empowering organizations to achieve new levels of efficiency and competitiveness in their automation endeavors.

Through our continued dedication to excellence and a commitment to driving automation forward, we are excited to witness the transformative impact the Ikava DateService will have on the industry.

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